How much do mineral rights sell for? How much are my minerals worth?

Simply Minerals will conduct a free assessment of your mineral rights in order to determine a true mineral rights value. We consider your legal description, net acreage, current and future production, oil prices, and public oil and gas records to conduct a market valuation of your mineral royalties.

Mineral Ownership

Mineral rights can be retained when land is sold or conveyed, thus making it possible for someone to own the right to mine the minerals without owning the land. In addition, the same mineral rights can be owned by multiple people. And minerals can be subject to an oil and gas lease, or unleased. These are all factors that contribute to the value of your mineral rights.

Current/Future Production & Prices

If determining how to value mineral rights, you’ll need to consider the current cost of oil and gas. Higher prices will give you a higher valuation. Oil and gas prices are directly correlated with the value of mineral rights and royalties.

Producing vs. non-producing wells: If interested in selling mineral rights, it’s important to analyze the current state of production. Buyers and purchasers of mineral rights will calculate your mineral rights value based on a combination of current and potential cash flow. Simply Minerals can help you analyze this. If your land has never been involved in oil and gas production, it will likely be valued at a lower amount because of speculative future production. But if wells are being drilled through your mineral rights, the value will substantially increase.

If your mineral rights are in Weld County, Adams County, or Arapahoe County Colorado, please contact us for a free consultation.