Frequently Asked Questions About Mineral Rights

How much do mineral rights sell for?


How much are mineral rights worth?

Mineral rights values fluctuate every week. When we assess your mineral value for free, it’s important for you to understand current vs future production.  The value is also based on what a buyer is willing to pay today for your property. Think of us as promoting your property as a mineral auction. Owners sometimes believe their property is worth way more than it is because it “will be worth more in the future” and will be worth more “when oil prices go up.” Determining the true value of your minerals depends on many factors such as your oil and gas lease’s royalty rate, the size of your mineral rights acreage, production in the area, production history of your property, and current/future oil and gas prices. It’s important to approach the value of mineral rights with a realistic view.  Your property very well may be worth more in the future, but the uncertainty and risk associated with future production is an important factor when these companies are providing an offer.

Who Will Buy My Mineral Rights?

By using Simply Minerals, we can help you sell mineral rights and royalties with confidence. We have connections with over 40 mineral rights buyers, private investors, and oil and gas royalty purchasers.

We have relationships with numerous oil and gas companies throughout the United States that may be interested in purchasing your mineral rights, so we’d love to get your mineral rights out in the market and see if we can get you a stellar deal!

Should I Sell My Mineral Rights?


How To Sell Mineral Rights For Max Value?

With selling your mineral rights, there are both risks and benefits. If you prefer a large lump-sum of money, then selling will provide that. At Simply Minerals, we can provide you with pertinent information on how to sell mineral rights, give you an average price per acre for mineral rights, and consult with you if selling minerals is a good idea.

If you do decide to sell, Simply Minerals will be able to negotiate the best possible deal, and help you maximize value.  

If your mineral rights are in Weld County, Adams County, or Arapahoe County Colorado, please contact us for a free consultation.

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