Sometimes it makes sense to sell. Sometimes it doesn’t. Simply Minerals can help you figure out what to do.

Three Financial Reasons to Sell

1)       Mineral rights and royalties have real value. Oil and gas is a speculative endeavor. Colorado’s recent government regulation, Prop 112, and the possibility of mechanical problems with your well (that could take it out of service for a long period of time) are considered threats, and should initiate consideration into selling. Simply Minerals is your mineral rights advocate, and the best company to help you get the greatest value.

 2)       If you’re looking into retirement, starting a new business, buying a vacation home, or having money to support the family in the future, royalties received from your minerals over time may not be sufficient. A generous lump sum could fulfill this need where the monthly cash flow does not. Investing in yourself, your dreams, or your family’s best interests is a wonderful thing to consider when putting your minerals for sale.

3)       Oil & gas wells (over time) are diminishing assets. Production rates decline and eventually there will be less and less in the reservoir. Mineral rights owners sell their minerals and royalties in order to invest in other assets. Reinvesting in real estate can offer great advantages to offset declining value. You want to get the most for your Colorado mineral rights, and all the buyers out there are expecting to get a great deal from you. In today’s market, due diligence is a sound selling strategy and we will help to ensure that you get maximum value in a reasonable time frame. Let Simply Minerals be your advocate in getting you the best deal possible for your mineral rights!

Three Personal Reasons to Sell

1)       Education: If you need help to pay for schooling for yourself or dependents or grandkids, now would be a great time to monetize your mineral rights. If you are counting on money to cover tuition or education loans, cashing out is a good way to ensure you’ll have it.

2)       Health care: Assisted living costs for you, a parent or grandparent can be an expensive financial cost. Mineral rights owners can sell their minerals in order to pay for these expenses. Some clients can also use our services to pay basic medical bills so they can meet Medicaid requirements to enter an assisted living facility. 

3)       Estate Simplification: Many people find that it is easier to sell mineral rights rather than leave them as inheritance. This is because of the time and expense required to validate and certify them upon or before death. Distributing your minerals to several heirs can be tricky and create future issues. If you are Trustee of an Estate, it is easier to distribute cash than dividing up property.

Other Reasons To Sell Your Mineral Rights

  • Eliminating the risk of future price declines

  • Eliminating the risk of underperforming wells

  • Creating diversification and eliminating uncertainty

  • Avoiding delays in Oil and Gas development

  • Paying off mortgages and other debts

If your mineral rights are in Weld County, Adams County, or Arapahoe County Colorado, please contact us for a free consultation.